Until the root problem is addressed, the discoloration may persist in patches or dark spots. Between six and twelve months after its first appearance, a spot that is significantly darker than your typical skin tone will often go away.

If the pigment is deeply embedded, however, the aging process might be prolonged for a long time. Hyperpigmentation found at the skin’s dermis is often a slate blue to gray. It’s also conceivable that it’s brown, but a much darker shade of brown than your skin.

Reason for the appearance of Dark Spots

Dark spots appear on people’s skin with medium to darkly colored skin due to melanin overproduction, which occurs when the skin is stimulated to produce more of the pigment that gives the skin its color. People with darker skin tones are more likely to produce more melanin in response to a wide variety of common stimuli.

Dark Spots and patches of darkness are frequently seen when:

➔ When a spot of psoriasis or a pimple disappears.
➔ The bite of an insect, the cut, the burn, or other damage will eventually heal.
➔ Certain drugs are consumed (or applied) by you.
➔ An ingredient in a skin or hair care product irritates your skin.
➔ Hormonal shifts take place at various times, such as during pregnancy.
➔ If you manage a skin problem like acne or psoriasis in such a way that you stop the flare-ups or breakouts, the discoloration will go away since the underlying cause will be eliminated. The majority of the black patches will eventually go on their own.

Treatment For Removing Dark Spots

Applying sunscreen is the first step in any effective therapy for dark spots or patches. Sunscreen is an absolute must if you are going to be outside, regardless of whether or not you want to cure the dark spots on your own or visit a dermatologist. Sunscreen, when used regularly, helps prevent the appearance of new dark spots and patches. Additionally, it can assist in the removal of existing ones.

You should put sunscreen on any exposed skin areas despite wearing protective clothes.

Dermatologists also advise patients to protect their skin from the sun by wearing broad-brimmed hats whenever they go outside.

Use a sunscreen that delivers all of the following features to receive the necessary protection to help avoid black spots and to assist in their clearing from your skin:

● At least an SPF 30 rating.

● Protection throughout a wide spectrum

● Water-resistance

● Titanium dioxide or zinc oxide, either one of these two active components or both of them together

● If you have oily skin, look for a solution that is non-comedogenic, which means it won’t clog your pores.

Products that brighten the skin might hasten the fading of Dark Spots.

It’s common for skin-lightening solutions to work better once the underlying problem causing the discoloration has been resolved and after sun protection measures have been taken. There is a possibility that you will get relief by using a product that is available over the counter.

When selecting a skin lightener, it is important to seek a product that has at least one of the following components:


Glycolic acid

Vitamin C

These components can lessen the appearance of existing spots. In certain people, the component can also reduce the amount of melanin produced, which is the pigment responsible for the dark spots and patches.

1- Hydroquinone, which is found in this product, gets rid of discoloration.

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Hydroquinone is commonly used as a whitening cream by patients with dark skin. It is occasionally used with other medications to treat the following conditions: melasma, acne, and drug-induced pigmentation.
Hydroquinone can also be used as a pretreatment before using chemical peels or fractional laser therapy.

2- This product contains Vitamin C, which helps to reduce dark spots.

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Vitamin C is widely recognized as one of the most powerful anti-aging vitamins available, and it is also necessary for maintaining an even, smooth, and luminous complexion. It is ideal for removing dark spots from your face.

While vitamin C is most likely present in your food, there is no way to tell if your skin absorbs it. Serums and other topical medicines are the easiest way to achieve these objectives.

3- Glycolic Acid removes dark spots.

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Glycolic acid is an alpha-hydroxy acid made from sugar cane and sugar beets. It’s a moderate-intensity chemical peel. Glycolic acid has anti-inflammatory and anti-free radical properties.

Glycolic acid creams cure skin problems. This therapy is conducted in a clinic by medical specialists and estheticians.