SON JUNG WAN Unveiled its Spring 2024 Collection titled “Harmony” on Saturday, September 9th at Spring Studios During New York Fashion Week

Inspired by the beauty of natural motions, “Harmony” personifies humanity in its most artistic form. Through ruffles, light silk, organza, chiffon and mesh, the collection introduces powerful silhouettes that also have a delicate gentleness about them. Building upon one another, these unique silhouettes become a rich tapestry of colors, textures and patterns that exemplify the movements of creatures that roam the Earth, the essence of the waves, and the graceful and natural flowing motions of the elements and world around us. Son Jung Wan breathes life into “Harmony” through the beautiful ebb and flow of her designs that are further displayed through the collection’s thoughtfully curated color palette made up of Fondant Pink, Cyber Lime, Nutshell, Elemental Blue, and Radiant Red.

With 54 stores in Asia and 110 points of sale globally, the Son Jung Wan brand remains the top-selling female-owned designer collection from Seoul and includes her SON JUNG WAN Women’s, SJ Wani Juniors, WANINI Men’s and the SJW GOLF athleisure collections.

Photographer: Kevin Tachman, Rodin Banica

Son Jung Wan: @sonjungwan