Photography: Philippe Moreau
Model: Stephanie Moser @stephaniem.model

Stephanie Moser is a 50+ professional model for fashion and commercial advertising.
She is French, living in Lisbon (Portugal) she divides her time between Lisbon and Paris to
increase professional opportunities and participate in castings.

When did your interest in fashion begin?

I worked for 25 years in advertising and marketing sector.
Then I left Paris to follow my husband to Warsaw in
Poland. There I created my company selling French fashion
accessories and I started to take an interest in it by
staging myself to present my products. I created videos
and leaflets in which I appeared. And then, less than 2
years ago, photographer friends really encouraged me to
get started, saying that I was literally made for this job!
Because beyond the physical aspect which ultimately
counts less and less these days, they agreed that I have a
certain ease in front of the lens and a certainly a presence!
That’s what really gave me the confidence to get

What do you like the most about your job?

I really like meeting different people, photographers,
make-up artists, stylists… Each time with a different
style, exchanging ideas, it’s very enriching and I learn
every day. I also love to travel, this job allows me to do
so, for the moment between Lisbon and Paris but I have
no limits, I intend to work also in Milan, London and
why not New York. Whatever may happen, it’s real work
that requires a lot of preparation and time’s investment
(sport, lifestyle, making contacts, traveling to castings
and above all working on the presence and quality of
posts on social networks!) So, dear readers, do not hesitate
to follow me on instagram @stephaniem.model
and share!

What are the biggest challenges for you?

There is still a lot to accomplish to change mentalities
about models over 50+ to have more visibility in the media
all over the world. However, the 50 to 65 age group
has the highest standard of living and spends almost 4
times more on fashion than 20 year old! My challenge is
therefore to be a worthy representative of the 50+!
Besides, my ideal would be to pose for a luxury brand
and I would also love to participate at a catwalk and
advertising campaign for a famous lingerie brand, and
something tells me that’s going to happen!

Do you have any passion besides modeling?

Yes, I am a painter. I also discovered this passion when
I was living in Poland, it was an important stage in my
life. I paint portraits of women in oil on canvas. I am
currently preparing an exhibition in Lisbon. A sample of
my creations can be seen on @paintingbystephanie

Anything else that you would like to say?

Yes, I was telling you about the wealth of encounters
in this profession. I had the chance for a few months to
work in collaboration with many really very talented
photographers. Philippe Moreau who took the photos of
me in this issue is one of them.
I really like his work, he really has a special eye and
knows how to find the right angle so that the photo is
graphically beautiful while highlighting me. I think we
have a good professional feeling that makes it match right
away. We recently did a new session, the photos will
be out soon and it promises to be fabulous!.