“Art means everything, it keeps me up at night
analyzing and thinking while ideas storm through my head of artwork to come. I guess I am completely eaten up by art”

Can you take us back to your early years and share when you first realized your passion for art? Were there any specific experiences or moments that ignited your love for artistic expression?
Art started with me as far as I can remember. I was born with what you call a natural talent and a gift. You see, I was born in an art household where my mother and everyone from her line is artistic and creative. Thus, in my case, art was as they say in my blood and my genetic making and lineage. I was very shy as a child, still somewhat shy till today. Yet, back then art was a refuge to escape to and enter my own world and wonderland. I had a desk in one of the corners of my childhood house where I would sit and color and make artwork. The creation of art always made me feel good. Growing up I’ve always loved art. Moreover, since I grew up in an art household, I saw art all around me, my mother is an artist and my father is an art collector. Thus, the passion for art was rooted in me from the beginning.
I loved going to art exhibitions and art lectures as a child and listening feverishly to art talks by art critics and artists alike. I loved the artistic environment and the intellectualism that was involved and engulfed the art world. In that world – I felt at home, and I felt my artistic and creative identity flourishing. Furthermore, I grew up in a house that has art in almost every single place even in the bathroom where my mother had placed two art books, one about artist Mary Cassatt with the image of a mother cleaning the feet of her daughter titled “The Child’s Bath”, and the other a book about Vincent Van Gogh. The images of the front covers of those books are imprinted in my memory like no other.

Your art has been exhibited in numerous prestigious venues worldwide, including Times Square and the United Nations. Could you share a memorable experience from one of these exhibitions that left a lasting impact on you as an artist?
Sure! Just this past June 2023, my artwork titled “Spectrum” was on display at the new huge Times Square digital billboard on Broadway at the TSX Entertainment billboard/stage – a billboard space that defines pop culture, located in the heart of Broadway opposite the Tickets stage. To be frank, when I was told that my artwork is on Times Square, I didn’t think I would see it that large in completely the midst of Times Square along with all the other ads and commercials of Broadway’s latest musicals and fashion ads of jewelry houses like Bulgari with famous faces and models from Gigi Hadid to actresses Anne Hathaway. Later on, in July I saw that singer Post Malone performed in the same exact spot where my artwork was displayed in a portion of its huge facade that opens up into a balcony stage. Definitely it was a surreal, an out of this world kind of experience.

You describe your artwork as a form of visual poetry. Can you elaborate on how you translate your emotions and experiences into visual language, and what themes or messages do you aim to convey through your art?
Yes, same thing like art, as a child I would not only draw but I would accompany each drawing with a story. I remember making my own book almost in a comic-book style with story lines. Since I was a shy child who loved everything art and literature, I wanted to read most of the classic books that defined literature and its growth. Books like “The Stranger” by Albert Camus, and the novel L’Oeuvre (The Masterpiece) by Émile Zola are still stuck in my memory. I also wrote poetry, I love poetry and poets. My mother had a friend who was a published poet and her sort of haiku poetry opened my eyes to the different genres of poetry. For me poetry is almost like an abstract painting, short, mysterious, full of figurative language and always suggestive. I remember also when I would go through hardships or even a heartbreak, I would resort to certain poems by poets like Gibran Khalil Gibran and Charles Bukowski who managed through their words to transform me into a better place and helped me move on.

       Thus, naturally with my love for literature even as a child, writing poetry and keeping a diary gave me solace and an outlet to express myself through the written word. So, in a sense also these forms of art became a form of self-expression. In regards to how I translate my emotions and experiences into a visual language, I believe that all comes through the making of who I am, the totality of me from my birth till now. The subconscious also plays a major role in this translation towards the end result of what you see on canvas.

       The themes and messages that I aim to convey through my art also have changed throughout my growth. The themes that I’ve been presenting to the world as of late is enlightenment through looking at a work of art. Feelings of calm, harmony, rejuvenation and peace are what I mainly seek to depict. Also, the environment plays a huge role in my work. I am a lover of nature. For me nature is part of our intrinsic making – we come from nature and we go back to nature. Nature is within us. Thus, the connection to nature is a message that recurres within my body of work.

  Nature plays a significant role in your artistic journey. Can you share some childhood memories or experiences that instilled in you a deep connection with the natural world? How did these early experiences influence your decision to incorporate nature into your art?
I’ve always loved nature. Even as a child I adored it, I loved being in nature, out in the fields, in the countryside, amongst the flowers, in a rose garden. I simply loved nature. And, I believe the love for nature has been instilled in me through my father who would take us as children to the countryside and let us walk, hike and even climb hills that are filled with wildflowers. I believe my father and his brother, my uncle, have this amazing connection to nature and its beauty by which it has been infused in me. Until today, my father spends hours in the garden taking care of his flowers and plants – it is an act of love. Thus, again my paintings are the foundation of who I am as a person. So, naturally these amazing memories of days spent free in wildflower fields, picnicking and opening one’s senses to the sounds and sights of what is around me, engraved in me the love for nature that becomes visible through the art.

  Nature appears to be a significant source of inspiration for your work. How does your connection with nature influence the creative process, and how do you hope your art encourages others to appreciate and protect the environment?
I do believe in everything one does, one has to be true to oneself. In my work, I present what I love: nature, the ocean, the playful clouds in the sky, the sunrises, the sunsets, the moon. For me nature is so breathtaking in its beauty and what it continuously gives us on a daily basis. Just think of sunsets, they are different every day, as if the universe is a painter showcasing brilliantly the arrays of color and interplay of tones radiating upon us at the end of the day while preparing for the night to come through. I believe not only through my artwork, but also that I’ve written and talked a good amount about nature throughout my journey as an artist, this has helped many people start to look differently at their surroundings with appreciation and love for the environment. It comes through, honest work always delivers and in turn speaks to the viewers and the public. As an artist, I have opened people’s eyes to the importance of love for the environment and nature.

 Blue is a recurring theme in your paintings, tied to your birthplace by the Mediterranean Sea. Can you discuss the symbolism of the color blue in your art and how it reflects your personal identity and memories?
I am literally obsessed with the color blue and all its hues. Every now and then I switch colors, but don’t feel like myself and always end up going back to blue. By nature, I am a bluesy person, it is also that melancholy within me that also connects to the color blue. Yet, blue also represents not only my personality, but is also a source of joy for me. The sky which I love is made out of so many different blues – the ocean, the sea is blue. And, the fact that I was born just a few feet from the Mediterranean Sea, which I adore is intrinsic within my identity. 

  Can you recall the first time you attempted to capture the beauty of the sea in your art? What motivated you to explore this subject matter further?
The motivation came from when I was on vacation on the French Riviera by the Mediterranean sea. I remember sitting looking at the calm sea and its endless horizon line while families with children nearby were playing and having a good time by the beach. It was the utter contentment and peacefulness of that moment that I want to reproduce over and over again in every seascape painting I create.

As an art educator, what do you find most rewarding about teaching fine art classes in the Washington DC area, and how does it complement your own creative journey?
So, teaching art I feel is a different part of me. I love to connect with people especially on matters of art. Art education is so essential and giving back to my students and my community through my expertise is very rewarding. Besides studying fine art, I also studied art therapy and positive psychology which all together contribute to the learning and educational experience.

Your art is available through leading marketplaces like “1stDibs” and “Artsy.” What has been your experience in making your art accessible to a wider audience, and how do you approach the business side of being an artist?
 I believe these leading marketplaces are great platforms especially “1stDibs” by which its headquarters is in NYC where I’ve exhibited as well. “1stDibs” works with designers providing a huge repertoire of luxury items from furnishing to fine art and antiques collectibles. I am very grateful that I had reached a point as an artist to have my work in such esteemed marketplaces that have a worldwide audience of art collectors and art lovers.

       Here is the link to my artwork via “1stDibs”:


       And, here is the link to my art at “Artsy”:


 If you had to pinpoint a moment in your career, which one would it be?
I believe the Times Square on Broadway experience is a big one! Also, seeing my artwork in museums gave me butterflies in my stomach. Exhibiting in NYC in key galleries like Lichtundfire with acclaimed and accomplished fellow artists fills me with gratitude. I believe such milestones make me feel proud of all the hard work that I have put in throughout the years to see such achievements.

Looking ahead, can you provide insights into any upcoming projects, exhibitions, or artistic endeavors that you are particularly excited about?
I am a type of person that mainly lives in the present and doesn’t talk much about projects in the future since sometimes they work and sometimes they get derailed. Yet, I can tell you that there will be solo show in a major American city, and work in a world-class museum. You just have to watch as I announce things through my website. In a sense, I try to curb my enthusiasm in regards to upcoming projects, and giving each their own due time in their flourishing.

To keep up with my art exhibits & happenings, visit: www.vianborchert.com

What is your career aspiration? Do you have any goals planned?
Yes, so many, some relate to art and some don’t. I really want to help people, especially those in need. In a sense, I like to think I am destined to become a big artist for the sole reason to help people and give back to society through acts of kindness and love. I envision myself building housing / creative / innovative ones with city centers full of gardens allowing time spent out in the green so people can gather, mingle, and be happy. I think the most important act of love is one’s love for your fellow human being. Love in a quintessence is really the work force for major change and betterment of our humanity and world.

In your artist statement, you mention capturing the essence of time, movement, and memory in your paintings. Can you delve deeper into your artistic process and techniques that help you achieve this lyrical and painterly quality in your work?
My process of creating art is rather feverish, almost like a conductor conducting a symphony. I do listen to music that I like that helps me sail through this process such as “The Cure”, “Kate Bush” – music that moves me. To create art is to let your subconscious come alive and play on canvas, at least that is the experience for me. Most art creations, in a sense, have to do with the unknown realm of the subconscious for the discovery of who I am through painting, along with what my creative soul wants to produce. I also tend to be scientific with my approach to painting. It is as if the painting is on the operation table, and I am the physician that cuts, stitches and mends things up for healing. And, to be frank in creating art I want to revisit some of the sweet memories be it the flow of waves hitting the shore, the seagulls squawking, the gentle breeze – going back to a time that I want to freeze and capture its essence within the painting.


What does art mean to Vian?
It means everything, it keeps me up at night analyzing and thinking while ideas storm through my head of artwork to come. Correspondingly, also in my sleep, I dream of creating artwork. I guess I am completely eaten up by art.

What do you hope viewers take away from experiencing your art, and what emotions or reactions do you strive to evoke through your poetic and meditative approach to art?
I hope for viewers to feel a connection and let their imagination fly upon seeing my art. I am an artist who is all for the viewer to see and interpret the artwork from their own takes. I want to connect with people through my art and have the painting be a form of a visual dialog that transforms the viewer cognitively into higher realms.

When you think about your style, what key components stand out as being significant to you?
I am a painter. Thus, “painterly” would be a key component in its making and its significance through expressive gestural brushstrokes where I allow the medium / the pigment / the paint to become a player within the color field of the canvas. To summarize, in a gist my style is an abstract expressionist one with a minimal twist.

When you have free time outside of work commitments, how do you usually spend it?
I sleep a lot. I love to sleep. Sleeping helps me be ready for the day to come. I also mediate so I can center and relax myself from the outside noise of the outer world especially negative aspects. I also like to sit outside on my front porch drinking a cup of coffee and observing the clouds, the sky, the birds that fly by while enjoying the scents of the lavender and rosemary plants in my garden. Moreover, I like to discover things and venues; so, I visit wineries in the surrounding area to have some downtime and just chill.

How would you describe yourself in three words?
Dreamer – Creative – Innovative

Is there anything else you would like to mention?
I believe we covered all grounds.